Burglar-Proofing Your Windows

Using Fail-Safe Ways and Other Tips

At a time when break-ins and robberies continuously occur on a daily basis to house all over the country, securing your windows has never been more important.
Next to your doors, your windows are the next easier points of entry for a burglar—or so they think.
Read on about how you can make it impossible for a burglar to get inside your house through the window.

Use Polycarbonate and Plexiglas Windows

The use of polycarbonate and Plexiglas windows are not cost-effective, but will ensure the safety of your window by making it almost impossible to break.
Plexiglas windows are actually acrylic plastic windows that are about as thick as your “traditional”, regular windows, only 10 times stronger.
Polycarbonate windows are much more expensive, but prove to be 250 times more impact resistant than safety or laminate glass.
This would make breaking it using sheer force like hammering this type of window almost impossible.
Polycarbonate windows are also 10 times stronger than Plexiglas, so when you’re thinking about investing in windows much stronger and more durable than the traditional ones, this is your best bet.

Have Window Bars Installed

If you’re having second thoughts about investing in highly durable windows, consider having window bars installed instead. What you must take into account is that most people are reluctant to the idea of having a window bar, since it makes living inside a home feel more like a “prison”. However, if you’re still interested in this additional safety precaution, there are companies that specialize in the creation of stylized, decorative window bars that not only provide the extra security you need but also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. These companies can make window bars customized to the look and feel of your home so it doesn’t feel like a prison cell when you’re inside your house and you’re looking out the window.

Invest in Window Alarms

Window alarms are available in the market for cheaper prices and come in different operating technologies suited to your needs.