How to Choose the Best Safe for the Office

Running a business requires a firm hand not only for business practices but also for business security. Security at the office is highly critical, as it protects business assets, business employees, you as the business owner, and the clients themselves. Clients invest themselves into businesses because they trust them, and common sense tells you that if you don’t have quality security control at your office, there is little reason for clients to trust you. That is why you want to have high-security locks, master key systems, and most importantly, a good office safe at your place of business. A good office safe will help to protect important financial assets and documents from theft, water damage, or fire damage. But as there are so many safes out there to choose from, it’s difficult to know what’s best for your needs. Here are a few quality office safes that may work for your needs.

Sentry®Safe 1.23-Cubic-Foot Combination Fire Safe

As an office safe, this one works pretty well. It can protect digital files, documents, and important items. It features a dual mechanical combination lock and key.

  • Pros:
    • 1-hour fire protection
    • 24 hour water resistance up to 8 inches
    • 15 foot drop test
    • Organization with door pocket, door tray, key rack, multi-position shelf, and locking drawer
    • Pry-resistant hinge bar to inhibit theft
    • Affordable price
  • Cons:
    • Must open it every 2 weeks to prevent condensation due to the type of insulation used to ensure fire-resistance
    • Small size for limited storage
    • Locking mechanism may not be suited to your needs
    • Heavy weight (85 pounds) may make it difficult to transport, but it also discourages theft of the entire safe.

Stalwart Electronic Digital Steel Safe Model 886511233768

Another option for an office safe is this digital steel safe. It can be used to store money, hand guns, and other important devices.

  • Pros:
    • Can be wall- or floor-mounted
    • Steel strength
    • Customizable security codes from 3 to 8 digits
    • Can have a master and guest code
    • Built-in alarm activation for incorrect code entry – After 3 consecutive entries, alarm will sound for 20 seconds. After 3 more, it will sound for 5 minutes.
    • Lightweight – easy for you to use
  • Cons:
    • Alarm activation for incorrect code entry – If you have forgotten the code yourself or have input it correctly, you could set off the alarm.
    • Small size for limited storage
    • Lightweight – If not mounted, could be carried off by a thief
    • Requires batteries
    • Not fireproof

Sentry®Safe 3.4 Cubic Foot Executive Fire-Safe®

This is another good option for an office safe. With carpeted interior, fire resistance, water resistance, an electronic lock, and a good size, it could be what you need in your office.

  • Pros:
    • Large size
    • Fire resistant for 30 min
    • Water resistant for 72 hours up to 12 inches
    • Can be bolted to floor
    • Electronic lock
    • 2 shelves
    • Heavy weight (163 pounds) discourages theft
  • Cons:
    • Fire resistant for only 30 min
    • Expensive
    • Heavy weight (163 pounds) makes it difficult for owner to manage
    • Larger size – more conspicuous and difficult to place

Our experts can help you choose an office safe that is well suited to your needs. We also offer help with installation, maintenance, repair, and safe unlocking. Contact us anytime for all your Houston safe locksmith needs.