How to increase security in your store, establishment, or business

Nowadays, security in your business establishment has never been more imperative, what with all the robbery and intruder threats that abound the city and streets of Houston. If you want to be a savvy business owner who keeps an eye out on everything going around and in your store, better brush up on all the measures as well as concrete steps you could take to ensure the safety, security, and protection of your store, your staff, and your products.

Have CCTV and security cameras installed

CCTV and security cameras have become a lot more affordable and easier to install, not to mention easy to operate. Since you can’t always monitor the inside of your store, the parking lot, and the staff room and back door, it’s better to have cameras installed in all these places and have one person operate these so he or she will be able to keep track of the activity in all these areas. When intruders or potential robbers appear to approach your store, it will be a lot easier for your point person to alert security and personnel.

Use glass doors with metal frames

If you have a store that’s going for the old-fashioned, vintage feel, you’ve probably opted to use a wooden door for aesthetic purposes. However, wooden doors are much easier to compromise and aren’t as sturdy as the “typical” store doors made of glass with a metal frame. These glass doors are heavier and work better with alarm systems. When someone breaks the glass of your door and you have an alarm installed, the alarm will sound throughout the entire store, allowing for quicker response.

Broken window

Aside from cash registers, invest in safes

A safe can be costly, but investing in them will help secure your assets in the event of a store robbery or intrusion. Robbers would instantly go for the cash register, usually holding the cashier/operator at gun or knife point, so they could coerce the cashier to empty the cash register. When you have a safe that can only be opened using a code and is also impossible to carry, you won’t be left empty-handed; aside from this, you can also stash firearms (make sure they are registered) and other valuables that can only be accessed by you, already giving you leverage.

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