Lock Brands

Ensuring Your Safety

You might be surprised to learn this, but there’s a whole world out there of locks and security measures and means. Some are basic and simple while others are hi-tech and extremely sophisticated. Some are meant to serve a large variety of purposes while others are specific in nature and are designed to serve specific requirements and needs.

Delta Locksmith’s experts and their network of licensed affiliates are still to meet the lock that bests them. Our professional teams offer superb installation and repair services for a wide range of lock manufacturers and lock types:

Yale: one of the most known lock manufacturers, and one of the first to have been established. This firm operates from the 19th century and has made quite a reputation as its locks are renowned for their great performance.

Weiser Locks: this well-known company is famous for its aesthetic locks and other products. One of its creations is a high-security touchpad electronic deadbolt that suits the best admittance of service personnel.

Master Lock: founded in the 1920s this manufacturer is very commonly used within the United States. This manufacturer is known for its secure and sturdy designs and is also the largest padlock manufacturer in the world.

Kwikset: being the second most popular lock manufacturer in the United States this company excels in producing top-notch secure door hardware. It uniquely specializes in sophisticated electronic security means such as keyless entry locks and the like.

Sentry: this company also produces high-quality security locks although it is most commonly known for its high-end security safes which are virtually impregnable.

American Lock: also a provider of excellent locks this company specializes in locks and security means for industrial purposes as well as for outdoor purposes.

Our professional technicians are extremely proficient in handling all of these locks, and many more.

Besides unwavering professionalism, we and our network of affiliates offer a 24/7 available dispatch center to take your calls.