Locksmith Tools

Tools of the Trade

Locksmiths use a wide variety of tools to help ensure that each job is done correct. There are various tools of different utilities that locksmiths use to carry out their work. Each of these tools has a specific utility of its own, helping the locksmith to address a specific problem or function. A trained and experienced locksmith knows which tool is to be used for which occasion. Here a few of the most common locksmith tools on a regular basis:

  • Plug Spinner: The locksmith uses it to raise and turn the plugs, while trying to get the plugs to the appropriate position for opening the lock. How effectively the locksmith can use the plug spinner depends on his level of knowledge about the placement of every component.
  • Electric Pick Gun: An electric pick gun is basically a small size drilling electricity powered device. A locksmith uses this tool to drill through a lock only when he fails to do the unlocking through any of the other tools. However, he can also use any other standard electrical drill in the place of electric pick gun.
  • Tension Wrench: Tension wrench or torque wrench, which should ideally be called torsion wrench, is used to get to the shear line. The tactics lies in appropriate manipulation and application of the same volume of pressure. The tension wrench is of three types, viz. Light, Rigid and Medium, with the locksmith to decide the one to be used under a given situation.
  • Key Extractor: It is used for taking out things that accidentally get inside cylinders, such as a broken key, parts of a key and busted springs.

Each lock and key possesses their own unique challenges, respectively. A skillful and knowledgeable locksmith should be a true master of his or her craft. It takes many years to master the trade, but it also takes the right tools to help get there. Locksmithing is known as the science and art of making and defeating locks. It is a trade that requires meticulous skill and mastery of tools. A locksmith’s main responsibility is to make sure that their customer is safe. At Delta Locksmith, we and our network of affiliates not only utilize the best tools, we also put the safety of our clients as a top priority!