How to Protect Your House While On Vacation

How to Protect Your House While On Vacation

Are you experiencing burnout from too much work in the office, coursework from university, and the dull, repetitive motions of daily life? Chances are, you just need to get away from it all. A short break from all the Houston craziness—from tight schedules to running late and finishing things on time—has never felt this enticing. A one-week vacation sounds just about perfect, doesn’t it? Go ahead and plan one now! After all, you rightfully deserve it after all of the hard work you’ve been doing and responsibilities you’ve been shouldering.

But…wait. Wait! Your car! You can’t possibly take your car with you on an overseas vacation, right? Or, if you’re simply traveling from west to east (or vice versa), to get that wonderful and refreshing change in climate, a long drive just doesn’t seem to cut it. We and our network of affiliates know how tiring it sounds, so don’t bring your car with you, by all means. Just have it washed and covered (if possible) before you leave, clean out your garage, and park it there. Have your neighbors watch out for it for you, too, if you think you’re going to be gone for a little while longer.

However, truly protecting your car while you’re not around doesn’t stop there. When you’re not around for more than a week or so, people are going to notice. The lack of activity in your house could probably draw more attention than those with people constantly going in and out of their homes. With the way the world works these days, it’ll only be a matter of time until burglars start plotting how to break in your house (and stealing your car, as well) because it’s an easy target. Fortunately, we and our licensed affiliates have more than a few tips to share about protecting your car while you’re on vacation.

Lock the steering wheel in place. Robbers are going to get discouraged once they find out it’s going to take a long time to steal your car.

Take out the battery. There’s no way robbers are going to be able to steal your car. You won’t have a hard time starting your car once you get back from vacation, too.

Have friends go to your house from time to time. Human activity is the ultimate deterrent for robbers, so have your neighbors or friends check things for you while you’re gone.