How to Protect Your Car From Being Stolen

Getting your car stolen is a nightmare. Even if your auto insurance policy covers such an event and you will, eventually, be duly compensated there will probably be irreplaceable personal belongings stolen along with the car not to mention the hassle of reporting the theft (you will need a police report to show the insurance company, the auto bureau, the licensing authorities etc.) and the inconvenience of having to replace the stolen vehicle.
There is a lot you can do in order to prevent your car from being stolen, we have gathered some pointers that may help you better protect your car from theft.

Never Leave the Car Keys In Your Car

Even if you’re just popping out to buy something in the convenience store a few yards away from where you’ve double parked, leaving your car unlocked, let alone with the keys in it, is a sure way to boost the chances of it being stolen. It only takes a few seconds for an experienced car thief to notice the opportunity, jump in to your car and drive off.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car

Valuables left in plain sight may be the trigger not only for breaking a window in order to get them but also for hoisting the whole car. Avoid leaving valuables in the car altogether, if for some reason you have no choice make sure to hide them as best you can.

Anti-Theft Devices

There is an ongoing battle between auto manufacturers, who strive to fit the cars they produce with efficient anti-theft systems, and car thieves who ultimately find ways to tackle any new obstacle.
Investing in modern anti-theft systems is a good idea. Statistics show that cars with chip keys and/or other immobilizer systems are far less likely to be stolen, such is the case also with good alarm systems.

What To Do If It Does Happen

Many people who have their cars stolen feel at loss and do not know what they should do, it’s a good idea to be prepared,
here’s what you need to do if your car is stolen:

  • Call the police (they may ask you come in to fill a complaint)

    Make sure to supply all details which may help find your car, for instance some stolen cars were found by locating a smartphone which was left in it.

  • Call your auto insurer
  • Make certain to cancel any credit cards, gas filling cards, cell phones or any other such things the thieves may use and you end up paying for.

All in all, you can reduce the chances of your car being stolen, all you need to do is pay attention to small details, and ofcourse, have your car keys with you.